Medical Supply Rental

Medical Supply Rental

Choose Cooper Medical Supplies for all your medical equipment rental needs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with finding the right equipment for you including: CPAP/BiPAP machines, oxygen equipment, mobility equipment, hospital beds, and anything else that you would need! We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best equipment and services.

Our equipment is available on a weekly or monthly basis for your convenience. Give us a call today if you’re interested in reserving a rental.

Rental Item Time Availability Rental Price Minimum Charge
Travel Scooter Monthly $300 $50
  Weekly $100 $50
Knee Walker Monthly $60 $20
  Weekly $20 $20
Heavy Duty Knee Walker Monthly $80 $80
  Weekly $30 $30
Oxygen Concentrator Monthly $75 $50
Oxygen Conserving Device Monthly $25 $10
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Monthly $350 $50
  Weekly $100 $50
Transport Wheelchair Monthly $35 $15
16” Wheelchair Monthly $45 $20
18” Wheelchair Monthly $45 $20
20” Heavy Duty Wheelchair Monthly $60 $20
22” or 24” Heavy Duty Wheelchair Monthly $75 $25
Hospital Bed - Semi Electric Monthly $75 $40
Hospital Bed - Full Electric Monthly $100 $40
Lift Chair Monthly $75-100 $75
Manual Hoyer Lift (sling is separate) Monthly $75 $40
Hoyer Lift Slings - $75.00 (not included in rental for sanitary reasons)
Notice: Items that do not have a minimum charge are only available for rental periods listed. Delivery fee may apply.
Rental Item Time Availability Rental Price Minimum Charge
Standard CPAP Monthly $60 $25
Auto CPAP Monthly $75 $25
Standard BiPAP Monthly $100 $40
Auto BiPAP Monthly $100 $40
BiPAP ASV(when available) Monthly $200 $75
BiPAPS/T(when available): Monthly $200 $75
Notice: These prices only include the machine, tubing, and filters. Masks are not included in the rental and should be purchase separately as they can not be resold used.
Different masks range in prices from as low as $25 (when sale items are available) to $140.Prices subject to change depending on availability!

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